Client: Bolivar County
Project Description:

The existing boat ramp is the only public ramp in Bolivar County located on the Mississippi River. The ramp was previously constructed by the MDWFP approximately 10 years ago and has been a great addition to the County. In recent years, other public ramps on the river have closed leading to a substantial increase in usage of Terrene Landing. The existing parking area did not have the capacity to meet the needs of our boaters and the existing ramp was prone to flooding during high river stages. The ramp goes under water at Mississippi River Stage 35’ on the Arkansas City gage. This year alone, the ramp was flooded from February to July.  

The American Queen Steamboat Company has also reached out to Bolivar County about using Terrene Landing as a docking location for their Riverboats. The company plans to dock 35 times per year bringing in around 10,400 tourists through the site. 

The project involved modification of the levee crossing for easier access, paving the 2,000’ long entrance road, constructing a new parking lot, elevated pavilion for river viewing with restrooms, walking trail with picnic area, laying approximately 2 miles of water supply lines, and modifying the existing boat ramp. The ramp modification will include widening the existing boat ramp to 30’ and extending the ramp in order to elevate the top approximately 10.0’ to make it accessible during high river stages.  

Construction Budget: $2.3 M